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Testimonials About Our San Diego Physical Therapists

Thank you for taking a few minutes to hear why people choose ASIS Physical Therapy over other SD physical therapy clinics available to them. We appreciate your interest in our physical therapy services and would like to immediately extend to you a helping hand, simply to let you know that we would love to work with you so you can feel better soon.

We have been thanked by many of our clients for being a dedicated team of San Diego physical therapists they can turn to and count on, and we would again like to thank those who were so kind to share a few words with you. Below for you to enjoy are a few testimonials that our gracious and friendly clients have provided to us. Enjoy!

Kim L.
Low Back and Hip Pain

Kelsey and Kayla M.
Neck & Knee/Hip & Knee Pain

Mary H.
Low- and Mid-Back Pain

Richard B.
Neck and Back Pain

Dear Vanessa,

I can walk! I can walk....kinda like a normal person...OK, kinda like I used to. Last time I saw you, we released the muscles/ligaments/gristle at the back my left knee, where i haven't had complete extension for at least 10 years. It really worked. No more leg cramps! I can extend my left leg and take a full step, albeit I'm not very strong or steady yet but I feel like I can really walk. Adam did the laser in 2 places on the back of my knee. And can walk then my weak left rump muscles will just have to catch up. I am so happy, and so grateful to you. Thank you, and Adam and Kevin.


"I recently had hip replacement surgery and had gone to a couple of other therapy clinics, but neither could provide the level of service I received at E-Rehab. As a result of Dave's persistence and professionalism, I can now say that I'm well on the road to recovery. Thanks, Dave!"

Myrna, age 50

"I thought my college pitching career was through. I tore my left rotator cuff and was red-shirted. I was told that I'd never pitch again. But, with E-Rehab's help, I'm out to prove the nay-sayers wrong. I've already made significant progress and E-Rehab's treatments are really helping. I'm feeling less pain, and I'm now able to do light workouts."

Torn Rotator Cuff
Encinitas, CA

"I've had trouble with fecal incontinence for two years. I have gone to several clinics and have not improved at all. I heard about E-Rehab from a friend and decided to give them a try. They were able to figure out what was going on and started a treatment on me that actually works--sacral nerve stimulation. Why didn't anyone else think of that?"

Richard, age 65

I was recently diagnosed with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo and was referred to E-Rehab by my doctor. Since, I started treatment with E-Rehab, I've noticed that I'm not as dizzy. Their treatments are really helping, and John has done an excellent job of explaining my condition and directing me to resources where I can learn even more about it. He also gave me exercises I can do at home between treatments. Thank you, John!"

Tessie, age 35

It is our genuine pleasure to serve everyone who contacts us about his or her San Diego physical therapists needs. Whatever your pain is, whether it is back, shoulders, neck, knees, and/or wrists, we are confident we can help you too! Experiencing golf pain in SD? Visit our services page by clicking here to learn more about our golf programs and other physical therapy programs.

We look forward to serving you soon as your trusted San Diego physical therapists of choice. We can quickly help you identify the source of your pain, so we can then create a personalized and effective treatment specific to your needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment: (858) 217-2496.